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Blogging Jobs, May 12, 2015

workstation-405747_640Good day!

Being a freelance blogger not only gives you the opportunity to create a sustainable income that you can turn into a full-time gig, but also make you famous.

The latter won’t necessarily happen, but it does for some, especially to  founder Heather B. Armstrong, who first used her blog as an outlet to vent out her frustrations. Eventually, the blog came into a life of its own, which also paved her way to a cool $50,000/month salary and the distinction of being listed by Forbes as one of the most powerful women in media. She was featured on a post at Cosmopolitan, which reveals her success while working at home.

If you wish to achieve even half the success that Heather did, then you should start your freelance blogging career now by applying to the freelance jobs listed below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Crafts/DIY Blogger for Cool Crafts


  1. SENIOR COPYWRITER for agency located in Philadelphia (freelance)
  2. Contract Freelance Editor for Pierce County area consumer magazine
  3. Copywriter for a Global Marketing and Advertising company located in lower Manhattan (freelance)
  4. B2B Copywriter for The Creative Group (remote)

Content writing

  1. Freelance Content Writer/Website Content Writer for Infologitech (Local To Virginia Only)
  2. Gaming News Writers for
  3. CONTENT STRATEGIST / UX WRITER for Aquent (freelance)
  4. Home Improvement Writer
  6. Experienced Tech Writer for Secure Thoughts
  7. Freelance SEO Writers Needed for Danielle Sabatino
  8. Sponsored Content Freelance Writer for U.S. News & World Report
  9. Writer – Computer Architecture for Chimborazo


  1. Customer Happiness Agent for GoFundMe
  2. Newsletter and Social Media Writer (part-time, remote)
  3. PR Social Media Specialist
  4. Remote Contract Certified Resume Writer for New Horizons Computer Learning Center

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