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Blogging Jobs, May 1, 2015

Working-from-home_colorGood day!

Freelance writers and journalists don’t have an established online community where they can share resources, sell pitches, and identify ideal magazines or publications to work for.

This is where WordRates fills in the gap. This KickStarter campaign aims to level the playing field for freelancers who are placed at a disadvantage when it comes to contract negotiations and assessing the market for jobs. The platform is halfway of its goal (over $3,400 pledged of $6,500 goal with 23 days left).

If you want to contribute and help set up the platform for your benefit, click here.

While this is going on, take a stab at the free market and apply for these blogging jobs and writing gigs below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Passionate Rugs/Carpet Blogger
  2. Accounting & Finance Recruiting Blogger for Marketing Academy
  3. *Real* Garden/Outdoors Blogger
  4. Real Estate Blogger (remote)
  5. Personal Development/Psychology Blogger for


  1. SR. COPYWRITER (PRINT/WEB) (freelance)
  2. Freelance Creative/Copywriter for Adworkshop
  3. Freelance Copy Writer for Sitecore

Content writing

  1. Content Writers for POTENT Magazine (remote)
  2. Personal Finance and Investing Writer for The College Investor
  3. Hunting/Fishing Writer for (freelance)
  4. Content Provider for DOPE Magazine (contract position)
  5. Writer/editor for health, wellness, relationships +
  6. City Guide Writer for Apartment Website (remote)
  7. Feature Writer for Citystream (remote)
  8. Science Writer for Fascinating Blog on Compound Pharmaceuticals (Remote)


  1. Business plan writer
  2. Freelance Healthcare Technical Writer / Editor for TIPTON COMMUNICATIONS
  3. Resume Writer for LiveCareer (remote, contract)

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