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Blogging Jobs, March 6, 2015

Young woman using binoculars on rooftopGood day!

How’s the job hunt thus far?

Looking for paid blogging jobs can get difficult. Opportunities are far and few in between. Some won’t take you because you lack credentials.

Best way to deal with this? Keep blogging on and keep looking. Build up your skills by writing on your blog on a daily basis and learning as much as you can. Eventually, you will find the perfect blogging job for you.

Whether you’re still refining your skills or not, it’s still best to take a crack at these paid blogging jobs and writing gigs below.

Blogging jobs

  1. Creative Writer With Gift For Interior Design Wanted for Awesome Blog
  2. High Quality Writers/Bloggers Who Can Publish Their Work on High Quality Sites with Existing Author Accounts


  1. Copywriter for Aquent Staffing
  2. Online Copywriter

Content Writing

  1. Freelance Writer for
  2. Contributing Freelance Writers for the National Edition (STYLE + DESIGN)
  3. Contributing Freelance Writers for Bump + Baby 
  4. NYC and L.A. freelance writing opportunities
  5. Freelance writers for Skirt Collective
  6. Writer for Pittsburgh Craft Beers
  7. Web Writers – Tech Topics


  1. Freelance Editor (Music & Film)
  2. Content Marketing Specialist for Intellectsoft
  3. Technical Content Writer (Healthcare) for Creative Circle
  4. Math and Literacy Curriculum Writer for LitART
  5. Contributing Writer for STEM Jobs Magazine
  6. Restaurant Reporter for OTR Global
  7. Content Manager for Technology Articles
  8. Astronomy and Alt-Tag Writing
  9. Communications Team Member
  10. Grades 6-12 Assessment Writer: Language Arts

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