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Blogging Jobs, March 27, 2015

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Transitioning from an office job to being a freelancer can be difficult. This is truer if you’ve been going to work all this time. Gone are the water cooler conversations, group chats with co-workers, and the camaraderie that is formed and developed within team members who you physically interact with everyday.

But there’s always be a way around working at home by herself and still maintain the semblance of collaborating with other people. Freelance Jen A. Miller manages to use Twitter as her virtual water cooler. It’s her way of coping up with the demands of freelancing.

This goes to say that freelancing is not for everybody. However, if you’re still intent on earning extra income or wish to have personal freedom and flexibility that your current job can offer you, then check out the paid blogging jobs and writing gigs below.

Blogging jobs

  1. Blogger for Apartment Living Blog
  2. Web, SEO, Mobile, Design, Technology Blogger for Florida Website Design
  3. Personal Finance/Frugal Living Blogger


  1. Copywriter for digital agency
  2. Part-time Copy Editor

Content writing

  1. Website Content Writer – Blog Posts, Web Pages, Social Posts, etc
  2. Freelance ACT Content Writer
  3. Freelance writer for bilingual publication
  4. Writer, Trending Team at Upworthy
  5. Freelance writer for Consumer Media Network
  6. Freelance Tech/ Culture Writers


  1. Freelance S.T.E.M. Grant Writer for Engineering For Kids at Metro Atlanta
  2. Technical Writer
  3. Writing Tutor
  4. Test Preparation Expert
  5. Technical Writer for Scion Staffing
  6. Business and finance writer
  7. Freelance Newsletter Writer for Plaintiff-Side Employment Law Firm
  8. Content Editors for a Legal Startup
  9. Product Description Writers (for native English speakers only)

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Check out latest week for another round of paid blogging jobs and writing opportunities. Have a great week!

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