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Blogging Jobs, March 26, 2015

Man typing on keyboard at old deskGood day!

Freelancing isn’t for everybody. If you are anything that this post tells you, then skip freelancing and stick with your office job.

There’s nothing wrong if you can’t manage money properly or require encouragement to get the work done, but these are red flags for freelancing. This type of job requires people to have initiative and must learn how to take care of their finances.

In order to enjoy the “freedom” that is attached to freelancing, then you need to possess certain qualities to become a successful freelancer.

If you feel that you are ready to take up the challenges, then try your hands on these blogging jobs and writing gigs below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. DIY flower crafts photographer/ blogger for Flower Explosion
  2. Digital Marketing Writers for Arbor Business Writing
  3. Freelance Blog Post Editor for Arbor Business Writing


  1. Copywriter/ Content Writer for Creative Circle
  2. Copywriter for Creative Circle (Onsite to start 40 hours a week at Portland, OR, with an opportunity to transition offsite)
  3. Copy Writer/Editor – Recipes/Cook Book for Creative Circle

Content writing

  1. Sports Writers for
  2. News/Politics Writer
  3. Lifestyle Writers
  4. Branded Content Writers
  5. Entry Level Writing
  6. Web Culture Writers
  7. Fashion/Beauty Writers
  8. Books Feature Writers
  9. Breaking News Writer for Bleacher Report (US residents only)


  1. Reporting Fellow
  2. Content Strategist
  3. TV Writers
  4. Sex/Dating/Relationships Writer
  5. Entertainment Writers
  6. Freelance staff writer for SMTX/Bobcatfans magazine
  7. Technical Writer for CSI

Freelance writing tips of the day: How to become a successful freelance at The Guardian

Check out tomorrow’s post for a new batch of blogging jobs and writing opportunities in store for you!

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