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Blogging Jobs, March 20, 2015

Development and internet service. Human resource and self employmentGood day!

Did you know that Filipinos (1.3 million) and Indonesians (100,000) are the top East Asians earners at freelance working sites Odesk and Elance?

While they are behind the US (2.3 million) and India (1.9 million), this only proves that paid blogging jobs and freelancing gigs have become viable sources of income for people all over the world.

The concept of freelancing is nothing new but only a couple of people have taken this route. Nonetheless, this is a great opportunity for people with full-time jobs who wish to earn more on the side, if not build a career out of it!

For writers and journalists out there, apply to these paid blogging jobs and content writing gigs to get a taste of freelancing.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Freelance Contributor


  1. Senior Copywriter for Creative Circle
  2. Copywriter – Financial for Aquent Staffing (combination of onsite at Irvine, CA & remote work)
  3. Copywriter – Contract for Zeta Interactive

Content writing

  1. Freelance Writer for Pregnancy Help News
  2. Experts in Technology/Engineering writing for
  3. Content writer(subject-books) for onceinaday
  4. Freelance Culture/Art/Design/Film/Music Writers
  5. Online researcher + freelance writer for mindful parenting
  6. Article Writer for SolutionsWide
  7. Freelance Writer (Contract) for
  8. Content Writer for Mondo


  1. Technical Writer (Medical) for Creative Circle (offsite freelance opportunity with an onsite kick off meeting)
  2. Part-Time Freelance Academic Writer for Uvocorp
  3. Paleo short reports/books for PHA
  4. Project Associate
  5. Medical Writer II / Senior Medical Writer
  6. Instructional Designer
  7. Science Editor
  8. Technical Writer (3-month assignment)
  9. Article Spinner (Salt Lake, UT only)
  10. Tech Savvy Journalists / Writers Needed for The Drones Media Company

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Check out next week for more paid blogging jobs that you can submit your application to. In the meantime, have a great weekend!3/20/2015


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