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Blogging Jobs, March 18, 2015

iStock_000008997298_SmallGood day!

In some ways, a career is lot like love (this segues into one of our blogging jobs for matchmaking site, but I digress).

Without a career, you will feel empty, lost, and helpless as you wake up every day without a purpose in life.

Thankfully, just like a good matchmaking site (there it is again!), we find blogging jobs and writing opportunities that you can apply for and build a living with. Not only will you be able to earn income to support your lifestyle, but also feel fulfilled as you inch closer to what you ought to become as a person.

But enough of this love-work comparison! Let’s jump into the blogging jobs, shall we?

Blogging jobs

  1. Blog Writer for Lotus Matchmaking
  2. Blogger/Writer — B2B Technology
  3. Health and Wellness Blogger on Natural Living
  4. BEAUTY BLOGGER for BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz (New York, NY)


  1. Copywriter (Blog) for Creative Circle
  2. Copywriter for Creative Circle

Content Writing

  1. Style Writer for BuzzFeed (New York, NY only)
  2. Content writer about young children and their development for Toddlers and Twos
  3. FREELANCE WRITER for mitú inc. (Santa Monica, CA only)
  4. Freelance Content Writer for Marccx Media
  5. Humorous Content Writer for Shmoop


  1. Technical Writer for Creative Circle
  2. Creative Assistant
  3. Sr. Technical Writer
  4. Grant & Copy Writer (remote with some travel required)
  5. Curriculum Writer, K-8 Math (Contract)
  6. Curriculum Writer, ELA (Contract)
  7. Curriculum Writer, Science (Contract)
  8. Curriculum Writer, Social Studies (Contract)
  9. Freelance Slideshow Writer for
  10. Experienced Food Writers, Bloggers & Cookbook Authors for Calisto Media

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Check out tomorrow as we find a new batch of blogging jobs for you!

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