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Blogging Jobs, March 16, 2015

Job postings (hiring, careers)Good day!

Thanks to the internet, finding jobs has been made easier with just a click of button. The problem now is finding which sites deliver the best and most relevant jobs that I can apply for.

If you’re a blogger or writer in need of a job, you’re in luck! We are dedicated in finding blog jobs and writing opportunities so you won’t have to. Just visit our site everyday to see blog jobs that lets you work offsite and as a freelancer or part-time.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Blog Writer for Continue to Give
  2. Design / Tech / Architecture Blogger for TheCoolist
  3. Blogger / Social Media Marketer for Ketoship
  4. Charm Bracelet Blogger for Clearly Charms


  1. General Copywriter for Best Friends

Content writing

  1. Freelance writers for SmartBrief
  2. Digital Content Writer for Creative Circle
  3. Freelance Content Writer for Avex Designs
  4. Writer for Good Living Publishing
  5. Writer about gardening, beauty, events, health and outdoor gear
  6. Freelance Writer, National Food/Drink for Thrillist Media Group (US only)
  7. Freelance Writer, Travel for Thrillist Media Group (US only)
  8. Freelance Writer, Supercompressor for Thrillist Media Group (US only)


  1. Technical writer with chemistry background
  2. STAFF RESEARCHER for Mental Floss
  3. Resume Writer (Boulder, CO)
  4. Programmer/Technical Writer
  5. Technical Author (strong skills in C/C++ or Java)
  6. Developer Evangelist (San Francisco, CA)
  7. Marketing Associate

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