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Blogging Jobs, June 4, 2015

medical-563427_640Good day!

One of the disadvantages that freelancer have to deal with is the lack of affordable healthcare and insurance plans. This is a big reason why those who wish to pursue a freelancing career are still tied working 9-5 jobs for their employers.

However, the Affordable Care Act has opened up the possibility of smoothly transitioning office workers into freelancers without pinching pennies. That, and the growing practice by companies to hire freelancers has finally brought work at home professionals better opportunities in the future.

You can even start building better opportunities for your growing freelancing career by applying to any of the blogging jobs and writing gigs below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Versatile Blogger and Web Copywriter for Charm House
  2. Fashion blogger / copywriters for greatcontent ($4.40-$6.30/210-word articles)
  3. Automotive Blogger at Mr. Exotics ($20 per post )
  4. Personal Development Blogger
  5. Comedy Blogger
  6. Open Source Blogger at WhiteSource
  7. Freelance Blogger for Simplilearn
  8. Hacker/Developer Writer for Mariposa Interactive


  1. Online Content Copywriter for The Creative Group (part time, $20.00 to $25.00 per hour)
  2. Freelance Headline & Promotional Copy Writer for Institute of Culinary Education (contract, temporary)
  3. Freelance Remote Editors ($10 to $14 per hour)
  4. Contract Technical Copywriter for Quango
  5. Website Copywriter for Scopic Software ($15-$20/hour, depending on experience)
  6. Creative Marketing Copywriter at Dodd Creative Group (Freelance )
  7. Copywriter for Creative Circle ($35-$45 / hour Freelance; 70-100K Full Time, DOE)
  8. Freelance Copywriter (6 month contract position at Toronto, CA)

Content writing

  1. Freelance Writer & Project Coordinator for Millennium Promise Alliance Inc (based in New York City)
  2. Freelance Entertainment Writer for ($25/post)
  3. Sports Writers for Valnet Inc. (remote)
  4. Temporary Contract Food Writer for
  5. Freelance Marketing Writer
  6. Freelance Hotel Review Writer for (contract)


  1. Online Advertiser at Trialfacts
  3. Business Reporter for The Daily Cloud

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