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Blogging Jobs, June 30, 2015

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Freelance writers have to start somewhere but it doesn’t mean that they’ll have to stay there forever. With a right strategy in place, you can sell your writing services on the cheap the first few months and increase our prices as you gain more and more clients.

In the case of South African journalism, it has itself to blame, says Chris Gibbons in his opinion piece at The Media Online. Due to the low rates paid to writers in the country, most are forced to undertake menial jobs instead of cultivating their craft and profiting from it. Even those who have decided to write for a living are given rush projects just so they can get by, quality be damned.

For people who are experiencing the same mistreatment as a freelance writer or blogging, do not spread yourself too thin by taking up as many low paying writing jobs. Instead, focus on applying for blogging jobs like the ones below that provide reasonable compensation for your services.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Part-Time Blogger for Oxygen Media
  2. Creative Bloggers/Writers for CareerAddict
  3. Freelance Writer for Self Storage Finders Blog at SSF


  1. Editor and Writer for Red Pen Bristol Proofreading Services
  2. Marketing Copywriter for Antibex Software
  3. Freelance Art Director and Copywriter for marketing communications company located in downtown Manhattan
  4. Copywriter for Ripen eCommerce (freelancers within Princeton, NJ only)
  5. Copy Writer/Content Marketer for TradeKing Group, Inc (Contract)

Content writing

  1. Experienced Diet, Health, and Cookbook Authors for Callisto Media
  2. Freelance agriculture writers
  3. Healthcare Writer
  4. Freelance writer for Dornob ($25/article)
  5. Content Writer for Paintzen
  6. Travel, Fitness and Lifestyle Writers for Abundant Journeys
  7. Freelance Web and Social Media Writer for a leading online retailer based in Issaquah, Washington
  8. Freelance TV Writers for BuddyTV
  9. Freelance Writer for Mitu Network
  10. Web Content Writer (Contract, must live in or around Orange County, CA)


  1. Subject Matter Expert–Test Preparation for Chegg (Contract)
  2. VOCA Grantwriter for Equal Justice USA

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