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Blogging Jobs, June 26, 2015

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Much has been said about freelance writing as a career. However, what is clear is that, by undertaking a freelance career, you forego landing a high-paying job in the office for a chance to build a career out of something you’re passionate about.

The struggle between money and passion is nothing new, but still posits a legitimate problem among professionals. Nonetheless, here’s one professional from Rappler who helps breaks down each factor to help you decide which path you should take.

If you still feel strongly about freelance writing after reading the article, then apply to the blogging jobs featured below are get your career off to a good start.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Blogger for Worldwide Janitor
  2. Freelance Google AdWords Marketing Writer ( $250 per post; $150 per blog post)
  3. Alternative Investing / Financial Writer for Freedom Writers Publishing


  1. Marketing and Web Copywriter
  2. Copy Writer/Editor for real estate education company
  3. Web Editor for International Business Magazine (remote, under $35,000/year)

Content writing

  1. Freelance Writer for KNOCKOUT Magazine
  2. Health Insurance Expert Writer ($50+ per post/interview – 3 posts per week)
  3. Freelance writer for OnHand
  4. DIY Health and Beauty Writers for Callisto Media
  5. Freelance breaking news writer for Heavy Inc.
  6. Features Writer for atHOME Victoria Magazine
  7. Freelance music writer for VCReporter
  8. Freelance Writers for WebpageFX (Approximately $10-$80 a post)
  9. Freelance Content Contributor for GlobalFit


  1. Freelance translation writer for Homework Help Canada
  2. Senior Technical Writer for QuarterSpot (Freelance)
  3. Creative Writer for Short Articles
  4. Technical Writers for Siri Infosolutions Inc. (Contract)

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