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Blogging Jobs, June 24, 2015

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The data from the State of Freelancing 2015 by Contently are telling of the pros and cons in freelancing. On one hand, freelancers feel that their careers and soaring and 2/3 of respondents believe that they will stay as a freelancer for a decade. On the other, the low salary (especially for those carving a freelance career after years of working in an office) forces professionals to go back pursuing a 9-5 job instead.

Clearly, freelancing isn’t as ideal as people make it out to be. The low pay is very true for those just starting out. It’ll take them years to build their portfolio and get experience from other clients before they can reap the benefits of their hard work. Regardless, if you’re up to the challenge of building a career without working at a cubicle in a sterile environment, then you better start working your way up now.

To get your started, below are online blogging jobs that you ought to apply to.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Tech Blogger – Apple Watch for WristTechCity ($5 per 350-500 word news post)
  2. Freelance Blogger for Doghouse
  3. Blogger for HC Supplies
  4. IT Security Expert on Public and Private Clouds ($50 per post/3 posts per week)
  5. Wedding Blogger ($25 per 75 to 500 word post)
  6. Blogger for Language Translation, Inc. ($20 per 300-400 word post)
  7. Marketing Blogger ($25 – $50 for a 250-1000 word post)
  8. Editor / Mens Fitness Writer for Alpha Male
  9. Blogger for Get A Copywriter


  1. Editorial Assistant for American Baby (freelance)
  2. Part-time Copy Editor for YieldStreet
  3. Proofreader/Copy Editor for Michael J. Hennessy and Associates (Part-time/Freelance)
  4. Freelance editor for Health Ambition

Content writing

  1. Freelance Writers for Archdiocese of Seattle
  2. Freelance Beauty & Style Writers for Demand Media (Remote, articles average between 300 and 500 words; pay between $20 and $35)
  3. Freelance Show Business Journalists for Daily Mail
  4. Freelance contributor for Love Nature
  5. Freelancer Automobiles and Trucks Writers
  6. Marketing Writer for Creative Circle
  7. SEO Content Writer for BKA Content
  8. Freelance News Writer, Sports for Complex
  9. Freelance Writer for UrbanBound
  10. Freelance Weekend News Writer, Sports for Complex
  11. Freelance Writer for EyeScream Media


  1. Test Item Writers for MCAT/USMLE (freelance, $15-20 per item)
  2. Curriculum Writer
  3. High school freelance statkeepers and writers for A.H Belo Corporation
  4. Revenue Sharing Writers for Jewish Business News

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