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Blogging Jobs, June 22, 2015

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Image taken by ben.hannis at Flickr

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Media has a way of glamorizing certain professions, and freelance writing is not exempt of that. If you have been watching Sex and The City, you’re probably wondering how Carrie Bradshaw was able to afford a swanky one-bedroom apartment at the Upper East Side as a writer before getting swept on her feet by Mr. Big.

Bustle‘s Stacy Dye slowly but surely chips away the prestige attached to freelance writing as she compares her state of affairs as a struggling freelance writer who lives with her roommates outside Manhattan in this tongue-and-cheek article.

Despite the humorous tone of the article, there’s a tinge of truth in her words. There’s little glamour as a freelance writer. It takes a lot of work — multiple jobs, even — for writers to consider themselves a success. Regardless, if freelance writing is your passion, then I’m sure you don’t mind the struggle as part of the experience.

Embrace your writing profession by applying to blogging jobs featured below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Health & Wellness Writer/Blogger for The Might Mite ($25/post)
  2. Bloggers/Writers/Journalists/Authors for BlogJob
  3. Researcher and Writer for Lemon Global Inc.
  4. Guest Blogging/Posting – Writing And Placing Content for Smart SEO Global


  1. B2B Copywriter for Creative Circle (Freelance Offsite)
  3. Freelance Editor for Lifehack

Content writing

  1. Trending Technology and Entertainment Writers for IBT Media (freelance)
  2. Freelance Writer for attn:
  3. Freelance Writer for Thrillist Media Group (Philadelphia area)
  4. Freelance Writer for BeautifulNow
  5. Writer for You On Top ($15 for Money & Power posts, $10 for Badasses features, $6 for Women in Biz summaries, $10 per picture for Looks)
  6. Health and Wellness Contract Writers for The Alternative Daily
  7. Shopify Article Writer for Zyber Limited
  8. Consumer Electronics Reviews, Tech Gadgets, Gaming and Real Estate Writers
  9. Music and Arts Writer
  10. Writers for FlyerHeroes
  11. Web Content Writer Remote Work – 9+ Months for DLC Inc.
  12. Freelance Writer for 23 Kazoos (Work from Home)
  13. Researcher/Writer for LAUNCH ($15/hr, 32 hours a week)
  14. Freelance B2B Tech / Software Writer for
  15. Manager/Writer for The Master Switch
  16. Autos Freelance Writer for The Cheat Sheet (remote)
  17. Fitness Freelance Writer for The Cheat Sheet (remote)
  18. Style Freelance Writer for The Cheat Sheet (remote)


  1. Freelance IT Proposal Writer for BLH Technologies, Inc.
  2. Creative writer for NIRAV MODI
  3. Resume Writer for RiseSmart
  4. Technical Resume Writer / Editor for RiseSmart
  5. Technical Writer for Talent Space Inc. (telecommute)
  6. Social Media Specialist
  7. Questions Writer for MasteryPrep
  8. Technical Writer for eSolutions (remote)
  9. Associate Digital Editor for Graceful Chic Magazine ($10/hour)
  10. Curriculum Writer for Skillcrush (remote)
  11. Business Journalists for Innovation Leader (payment starts at $400)

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