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Blogging Jobs, June 19, 2015

taxes-740202_640Good day!

Before taking up online blogging jobs or any freelance work, you need to determine the flow on how to process the work you will do for clients. For instance, how much are you willing to accept for a specific set of tasks given to you? How will you bill your clients? How will you prove the number of hours spent for said tasks? More importantly, what will do if your client hasn’t paid yet?

To set up your workflow as a freelance blogger, read this post at Small Business Trends for advice on bookkeeping and invoicing. Following the tips here ensures that you will be earning the best possible amount for the work you produce and how to receive the payment from your clients properly.

Once you’ve ironed out the kinks in your writing and blogging services, it’s time to apply for the jobs listed below!

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Blogging jobs

  1. Content Writer for I’m in! Marketing
  2. Freelance Tech-savvy Writer
  3. Freelance Financial Writer
  4. Content Writer for Märketing


  1. Content, SEO, Marketing Copywriter (Freelance)
  2. Copy Editor for Ballston Journal Online
  3. WordPress/SEO/HTML Copywriter
  4. Copywriter for Maricich Healthcare Communications (Freelance/Contract)
  5. Sr. Copywriter for dressbarn
  6. Print Copy Editor (remote, $4000/month 40+ hours a week)
  7. eCommerce Copywriter

Content writing

  1. Influencers Staff Writer for Ballotpedia
  2. Travel Writer for Viator Travel Blog (Freelance)
  3. Freelance Writer (Part-Time)
  4. Freelance Entertainment Writer for Concourse Media
  5. Science, Technology, and Health Writer for The Atlantic
  6. Submissions about Publishing Industry for Submittable ($50/<1,000 word post)
  7. Trending Technology and Entertainment News Writers for Fashion Times Co. (Freelance)
  8. Freelance Writer for


  1. Online Publicist (Freelance, Project-Based)

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