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Blogging Jobs, June 18, 2015

entrepreneur-593353_640Good day!

The importance of becoming a freelance writer independent of working for a dedicated company is growing more than ever.

Just recently, Wenner Media, publisher of Men’s Journal, Us Weekly, has laid off staffers from all levels, including the senior ones. The “reallocation of resources” was aiming for a more digital approach to the magazine company.

Curiously enough, there were some senior staff writers who maintained a more flexible, freelance position, namely Rolling Stone senior writer David Fricke.

This goes to show that the writing industry is becoming more fluid as it attempts to change along with the demand for digital content and assets. Staff writers happen to be one of the casualties in this transition.

As a writer, you’d want to diversify your client base so you don’t rely on just a single one, which is why freelance writing and online blogging is perfect. You can apply to as many jobs as you want without having to depend on each one fully.

Starting your online blogging career now by applying to the jobs below.

Blogging jobs

  1. Financial Blogger for eTechnologies
  2. Business Email Funnel, Blog Post Writer for Coaching Biz
  3. Healthcare Blogger for MedPro Waste Disposal (part-time, remote)
  4. Healthcare Writer / Blogger (must be US resident)
  5. Innovation Writer for wheel engine (10 articles, 1,000 words each with supporting links and images. You will be paid $1000)
  6. Financial Writer for The Gold IRA Trust


  1. Developmental Editor for Callisto Media (30,000-word project for 40 hours or developmental editing and pays $30 to $40 per hour)
  2. Freelance Copywriter for Coleman
  3. Copywriter – Long form/Newsletter for Creative Circle (Freelance)
  4. Contract Copy Editor for Accelerate Learning, STEMscopes
  5. Legal Copywriting: Criminal Justice Background Desired
  6. Senior Copywriter (Freelance, Part-Time)

Content writing

  1. Expert Alkaline Meal Plan Writer
  2. Freelance Writer for NY1 News Job
  3. Freelance Content Writer for Grey Umbrella Marketing (500 word editorial content pieces – $20 per article, 750 word blog on client’s site – $30 per article, 2,000 word power page – $100 per article)
  4. Ad Tech Writers for Contently
  5. Writer / Journalist for Voxxy ($25 for a 400 word post)
  6. Real Estate Investment Expert Writer
  7. Education / Accounting Content Writer (remote, part-time)
  8. Freelance Content Writer/IT Consultant for Good Teachers Union ($15 – $20/hr)
  9. Freelance Writers/ Content Writers/ Editors for Team HealthIUnits ($10-$15/hr)
  10. Staff Writer/Editor and Freelance Writers for Platinum Hits Entertainment Inc


  1. Social Media Writers for Social5 ($125/month, 14 Facebook posts, 8 tweets, 2 blogs and 1 email)
  2. Resume Writers for ResuMAYDAY (contract)

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