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Blogging Jobs, June 16, 2015

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When looking for blogging jobs online, you need to get into the mind of your prospective clients. Learn the things that makes them tick and found out the qualities they want from their writers. By knowing and gauging how your skills match with what they’re looking for, you can increase your chances of getting hired.

To get insight on how clients normally want from their writers, here’s a post at Skyword that details how clients should hire freelance writers based on their writing prompts. Follow the tips and advice here so you can send over the best possible jobs for your prompts.

Apply the things that you’ll learn from this post to the only blogging jobs below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Military Blogger for Authorized Boots (start with $0.02 a word )
  2. WordPress Ghost Blogger
  3. Blogger about Blogging for
  4. Content Writer/Journalist for Aktion Digital
  5. Digital Marketing Blogger for Pickaweb
  6. e-Commerce Marketing and CRO Writers for Promodo
  7. Conversion Rate Blogger for AWA Digital


  1. Copywriter w/ SEO optimized content (remote)
  2. Freelance Technical Article Editor for American Minds
  3. Proofreader (Contract, $20/hour)
  4. Freelance Email Copywriter for Matguard
  5. Deputy Games Editor for CinemaBlend
  6. Freelance Marketing Copywriter – B2B for The Simons Group
  7. Freelance Developmental Editor for Advantage Media Group
  8. Freelance Copy Editor: nursing/health sciences for Graphic World

Content writing

  1. Contributors for The Miss Information ($20/hour)
  2. Celebrity/Entertainment Writer (Nights/Weekends/Holidays) for
  3. Contract writers for 107.7 The End
  4. FREELANCE WRITER, MTV2 for Viacom
  5. Electrical Engineering Writer (remote, $50/article)
  6. Digital Content Writer for Outdoor Network (remote, full-time)
  7. Freelance/Contract Writers for TKO Multimedia ($200 when content is received by additional $100 if content is published)
  8. Web Content Writer
  9. Automotive Writer for TKO Multimedia (same terms as above)
  10. Freelance News Writers and Bloggers for Clapway (3-5 posts/day, 5 days/week, $10-30/article)


  1. Freelance Legal Translators for ManpowerGroup Public Sector
  2. Freelance B2B Marketing Director for Magnetude Consulting
  3. Healthcare Question Writers
  4. Resume Writers (Subcontract Projects)
  5. PR Contractor for The Moustache Coffee Club
  6. GMAT Content Creator for Magoosh (remote)

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