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Blogging Jobs, June 12, 2015

blogging-336375_640Good day!

Just like any other job, freelance writing has its pros and cons. But there are misconceptions about this job that some fail to grasp. For instance, freelance writers can’t just do errands just because they’re at home. Or that freelance writing is an actual profession, not some hokey, on-the-side thing that people just come up with.

There are other things freelance writers are tired of hired, most of which are featured in this humorous post at Buzzfeed.

In order to be treated seriously with your freelance writing job, you need to show them that you are proud with your job. Even set up a home office to show that you are serious with being a freelancer.

However, there’s no other way to show to others that freelance writing is a professional career than to show you are successful with it! Start by applying for blogging jobs featured below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Intelligence-Based Security System Blogger for LGRMG
  2. Life Sciences Blog Ghostwriter
  3. Apartment Hacker / Interior Design Blogger for ($100+/post)


  1. Freelance Copywriter for Pinwheel
  2. Copywriter for Creative Circle (on- or off-site)
  3. Direct Response Copy Writer for ProSites / CPA Site Solutions
  4. SEO Copywriter for SearchDex (Full/Part-Time, remote)

Content writing

  1. Amazon Product Review Writer at greatcontent (Review + photos: 4.9ct, Review, photos, video: 5.6ct )
  2. Feature Writer for Everyday Feminism (Telecommute, $100/post)
  3. Business Writers for tuts+ ($250 USD/tutorial)
  4. Freelance Automotive Writers for CarsDirect
  5. Freelance Article Writer for adTumbler


  1. Freelance Technical Writer for Keeper Security, Inc.
  2. Curriculum Subject Matter Expert (SME) for online course development in Elementary English Language Arts for Edmentum (20-40-hour per week contract position for a period of 12-18)

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