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Blogging Jobs, July 3, 2015

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There’s a saying that goes, “quitters never win.” While there is truth to this statement, there are situations in life where quitting is the only answer.

Kevin Kleitches started his career as a mental health counselor. It was a cushy job with great working environment, colleagues, and salary. But he asked himself whether this is the job that he wants to live his whole life. After asking that question, he quit his job and launched a career as an entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger.

In an article he wrote for The Huffington Post, Kevin followed his passion and dream and never looked back. Without much background in content marketing and copywriter, he spent time researching and learning the tricks of the trade until his writing transformed for the better. Kevin’s blog posts were getting shared on social media and he received encouraging emails from readers.

Just like Kevin, if blogging is your passion, then there’s no way that you’ll fail in this. By working hard and doing whatever it takes to get things done, he was able to build a successful career as a full-time blogger.

Start your blogging career today by applying to the blogging jobs below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Sports Blogger/Reporter for Blasting News
  2. Fashion & Beauty Bloggers
  3. Pain & Pain Management Blogger (remote, 4 – 5 posts per week / Pay per post TBD)


  1. Freelance Copywriters, Bloggers for Quill Canvas
  2. Copywriter for Digital People
  3. Freelance Editors
  4. Freelance Copy Editor/Proofreader for Major online magazine
  5. Writers and Editors for TripleCurve
  6. Editor for POTENT Magazine
  7. Freelance Copywriter for Sharp Notions
  8. Proofreader/Editor for marketing agency (temporary)
  9. Freelance Copywriter: Real Estate Focus for FLUX Magazine

Content writing

  1. Freelance Healthcare Writer for MEP Health
  2. Indian Food Writers and Authors for Callisto Media
  3. San Francisco Comedic Writer for
  4. Healthcare Writer (remote)
  5. Freelance Sports Writer for
  6. Freelance Article Writer for Clutch ($100-300/800-1000 word article)


  1. Products Page Copywriter/Graphic Designer for Yugster ($15/hour)
  2. Online Curriculum Writer for Knowledge Delivery Systems
  3. Resume Writer for HRI Outplacement Services ($70/resume, $83/resume and cover letter)
  4. F&B E-Newsletter Editor for Harbor Communications – Club & Resort Business (Remote/telecommute)

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