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Blogging Jobs, July 24, 2015

audience-828584_1280Good day!

The role of bloggers is to write using the tone of voice and format that your target audience will love. It is all about providing your readers with an unique experience in which the tone of your blog’s voice resonates with them and the ideas presented in each post spark inspiration in their minds.

For a more articular explanation on how to blog for your readers, here’s an article by Jackie Nagel at The Huffington Post. It details the different factors  to consider in writing your blog post to ensure that it attracts the attention of your intended audience.

Perfect this skills to increase your chances of landing your blogging dream job, which can be found from the list below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Content Marketing Blogger ($150/1,500-word post)
  2. Automotive Writer for Exotic Car Blog ($25 per article)
  3. Blogger/Social Media Rep for Thoroughbred Analytics (Remote)
  4. Video to Blog Post Conversion for GTMTraining (Freelance)


  1. Managing Editor/Writer for Carlat Publishing (Full Time)
  2. Law Editor for
  3. Copywriter / Editor for Dallas-based company (Remote)
  4. Copy Editor (Freelance)
  5. Copywriter for Creative Field (Freelance)
  6. Copywriter for Zenefits (Full Time)
  7. Copyeditor for Apex CoVantage (Freelance, $1.60/page)
  8. Senior Editor for Biospace

Content writing

  1. Tech Writer/Reporter for Digital Trends (Freelance/Remote)
  2. Writers for Multi Media Channels (Freelance)
  3. Writer / Producer for WABC-TV (Freelance)
  4. Ghost Writer for Chilisauce (Freelance)
  5. Comedy Contributors for Runt of the Web ( $40 per piece, with the possibility of more after a 3-month probationary period)
  6. Contributors for Witty Bitches ($20-$50 per piece, longform articles are negotiable up to $100)
  7. Writers for Quick-Hit, Topical, Short Articles for ArcherVision Media Group (Freelance)
  8. “Emerging Tech” News Writer for Digital Trends (Freelance, $25.00 /hour)
  9. Fitness & Health Writer for The Cheat Sheet (Freelance )
  10. Style Writer for The Cheat sheet (Freelance)
  11. Autos Writer for The Cheat sheet (Freelance)
  12. Creative Financial Writer for Telos LLC (Freelance, $50 per article)


  1. Fall Editorial Intern for Thrillist ($9/hour)


  1. Multimedia Producer for FOOD & WINE (Freelance)
  2. Senior Technical Writer for Lionbridge (Full Time)
  3. Freelance Blogger, Business Writer, Digital Marketer ($25 Per Hour)

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