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Blogging Jobs, July 22, 2015

angst-802639_1280Good day!

It’s easy to consider this platform as an outlet to express your ideas. In this case, it becomes much easier to write by just letting your thoughts flow.

However, once you start taking your blog seriously, you also need to consider your competitors who are not only way ahead of you, but also have earned lots of money through blogging. This may lose your confidence with your blog just because you started out late. Nonetheless, you should not be deterred by your competition and just focus doing your own thing.

For more tips to help you get your blogging groove back, here are seven tips featured in The Huffington Post.

Take the advice in the post at heart so you can recover your confidence back and apply for the blogging jobs listed below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Digital Marketing and Business Writers (Freelance)
  2. Writer for Recrewt (Remote, Freelance)


  1. Fashion / All copywriter for greatcontent (Freelance)
  2. Senior Copywriter for leading national fashion retailer
  3. SEO Copywriter for Slicedbread (Part Time)
  4. Copywriter for Access Communications
  5. Proofreader of how-to books/crafts for Sellers Publishing
  6. News Editor for Agora (Freelance)

Content writer

  1. News Writer for News 12 Connecticut (Freelance)
  2. Travel Writer for (Freelance)
  3. SEO Writers/Content Creators for Stackpole (Freelance)
  4. Experienced Ghost Writer for Self-Help Topic
  5. Online Contributor for Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. (Freelance)
  6. Research Writer for The Urban Institute (Full Time)
  7. Feature Writer for Rue (Contract)
  8. Health/Recipe Writer for Livelight (Part-Time/Remote, Up to $20/hour based on qualifications + potential for bonus based on quality and efficiency of work)
  9. Commerce & Gadgets Writer for The Cheat Sheet (Freelance)
  10. Writer for MetroMBA (Freelance)


  1. Inbound Content Intern for Yotpo (Remote)
  2. Copywriter Internship for (Part Time)
  3. Editorial Intern for Food Network Magazine


  1. Content Marketing Specialist for Zamplee (Freelance)
  2. Script Writer for TV Commercial (Freelance)
  3. Business Reporter for Mergermarket (Freelance)

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