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Blogging Jobs, July 2, 2015

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Beauty blogging has been a niche industry that gained momentum as an avenue for writers and publishers to review beauty products and events. However, the beauty blogging industry is not as glamorous as you’d expect says veteran blogger Nadine Jolie Courtney in her post at Yahoo! Beauty.

The constant demand for sponsored post (refers to blog posts that promote a particular product veiled under the pretense of a feature article or review) has killed her passion for providing her audience with high-quality content. Not to mention, her popularity has placed her under the watchful eye of brands and her agent. Because of this. she’s forced to act all squeaky-clean to not upset her backers.

Eventually, she was fired by his blogging agent (!) but has never felt more relieved in her life. She was able to unleash her creativity once again because no one’s breathing down her neck about her low social media followers and inability to meet and exceed her ROI.

If you find yourself in the position of Nadine where everything is handed to you on a silver platter, it comes at the expense of blogging freedom. You’ll soon find yourself chasing metrics that may rob the fun out of blogging, just like what happened to Nadine. In any case, take her story as a cautionary tale and be prepare to what happens to your blogging career next.

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Blogging jobs

  1. B2B Blogger for AWA Digital
  2. Ecommerce Technical Writer ($40/blog post)
  3. Wedding Bloggers
  4. Contributors for Real Estate, Tech, and Finance Blog ($50-300/post)
  5. Ghost Blogger


  1. SEO Copywriter for Launch Digital Marketing
  2. Freelance Copywriter for Clive Richard Inc.
  3. Weekend Editor for FUSION
  4. Freelance Copy Editor for Wunderman

Content writing

  1. Quality Feature Writers For All Major Sports for FanRag Sports
  2. Freelance Writer for UrbanBound (remote, must live near Rochester, MN)
  3. Freelance Writers for The Boca Raton Observer
  4. Freelance Writer for PR Brigade (Work From Anywhere)
  5. Texas-Focused Writer for Wide Open Country (freelance)
  6. Writer for Holistic Dentistry, Health/Wellness Media
  7. Freelance Writer for Medical Device Portal (work from home)
  8. Freelance Writers for Local Surf & SUP Company
  9. Entertainment Freelance Writer for The Cheat Sheet
  10. High-Impact Marketing Writer for Clevertech (remote, full-time)
  11. Writers w/ Experience in Greek & Roman Mythology for Callisto Media
  12. Marketing Writer for Online Fusion


  1. Referral Blogging for
  2. Biomedical Technical Writer for Hosted Records (Remote)

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