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Blogging Jobs, July 17, 2015

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Startups work at a disadvantage against their competitors for obvious reasons. Since they’re still building up their resources and catching up to what their competitors have accomplished already, startups will have to work their way up their way to the top by working twice as hard and smart. To help them get there, they should be aware of the best practices for the strategies and campaigns they will be implementing to maximize their results.

For startups interested in blogging, here are eight ways featured in Entrepreneur that they should follow to make the most out of their time spent in developing and publishing content.

Whether you’re a startup or just a professional blogger, the tips featured in the article should be considered when developing your tactics and strategies for your blogs. If you hold multiple blogging jobs or are planning to apply for a couple jobs, refer to the post to help you with your blogging.

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Blogging jobs

  1. E-Commerce / Retail Blogger (Freelance)
  2. Bloggers for HerDaily (Freelance, $10-15/post)
  3. Blogger for Real Estate Blog (Freelance)
  4. Small Business Bloggers / Journalists / Writers (Freelance, $100 per post)
  5. Retail Blogger for Careran Companies LLC (Freelance, $12 per blog post)


  1. Proofreader for Grizzard (Temporary)
  2. Music Editor for Flavorwire (Full-Time)
  3. Contributions Editor for Aleteia (Full-Time)

Content writing

  1. News & Entertainment Staff Writer for The Stir (Full Time)
  2. Outdoor/Survival Writers for Venture 4th Media
  3. Viral Content Writer for
  4. Restaurant Writers (Freelance, $125 per accepted and published story and photo)


  1. Social Media Intern for O, The Oprah Magazine
  2. Intern for Popstar!


  1. Global Internal Communications Writer for McKinsey & Co. (Full-Time)
  2. Business Communications Writer/Specialist for Summit Security Services, Inc. (Full-Time)
  3. Finance Writer, Public Relations for Credit Karma (Full-Time)
  4. Long-Term Financial Writer for Fund Pro Latin America (Freelance)
  5. Content Outreach Specialist for Healthline Networks, Inc. (Full-Time)
  6. Technical Communications Writer for Vitamin T (Freelance, On-Site)

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