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Blogging Jobs, July 16, 2015

food-715539_1280Good day!

Food is no longer just a treat for the tummy, but also a feast for the eyes. Food blogging is one of the most popular blogging niches in the world, with hi-res photos of exquisite dishes prepared for everyone to see. Whether it’s showcasing your plating and photography techniques or sharing tasty recipes with your audience, everybody wants to know how to make the best blog about food.

Thankfully, this post at Mashable covers none of the most important practices that bloggers need to observe if they want their food blogs to rise to the top of the pack.

The things you’ll learn from the Mashable is also applicable to other blogging niches. Try to apply the tips such as staying ahead of the curve, engaging your audience, and finding your personality to your blogging jobs and you will enjoy the same success as with your food blog.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Ghostblogger for Kansas City Web Design SEO (target budget is $1,750)
  2. Writer About Salsa Music, Dance and Culture for ($75 per blog post, 750 words minimum per post, Part Time/Contract/Remote)


  1. Copy Writer for Harmless Harvest (Freelance/Contract, $75.00 /hour)
  2. Digital/CRM Copywriter for Spark44 (Full Time)
  3. Blog Editor for The Underwear Expert (Part Time, Remote)
  4. Proofreaders for Blue Mountain Arts (Freelance)
  5. Freelance Proofreader for NYC & Hamptons Lifestyle Magazines
  6. Fashion Copywriter for greatcontent (Freelance)
  7. Content editor for Okay Republic (Freelance, Remote)
  8. Copywriter with automotive experience (Freelance)
  9. Writer/Editor for McCann (Freelance, Part Time)
  10. Senior Copywriter for healthcare agency (Full Time, $85-100K/year)
  11. Multimedia Copywriter for Manhattan Neighborhood Network (Full Time)

Content writing

  1. Career Writer & Content Marketer for (Freelance)
  2. Writer for Thrillist Media Group (Freelance, onsite in Charlotte)
  3. Freelance Writer for Consumer Media Network (CMN)
  4. Freelance Writers for Tower Magazine (Part Time, $60 per article + $.05 per word)


  1. Editorial Intern for Chicago Scene Magazine
  2. Editorial Intern for The Hollywood Reporter (Paid)
  3. Editorial Intern for DC Modern Luxury Magazine


  1. Freelance Solid Waste Business Writer for Industry Dive (Remote, Contract)
  2. Elearning professional for Ross Beard ($150-200 per 800-1,000 word article)

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