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Blogging Jobs, July 14, 2015

search-645284_1280Good day!

Search engine optimization has gravitated from quantity to quality. No longer do directory posting and unnatural linking in today’s day and age. What works now is the creation of high-quality, compelling, and irresistible content that your audience will love. The logic behind this is that, once you’ve written and published a post like this, people will naturally link back to it because it solves a specific problem of your audience.

Since content is pushed at the forefront of SEO, it’s only logical that businesses build this content type on their blog. In this post at Forbes, the author provides excellent tips on how to rank for local SEO using your blog.

Reading the article will lead you to build blogging skills that will increase your chances of nabbing the most lucrative writing and blogging jobs below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Small Business Bloggers for DTWriters Group ($20/post for a minimum of 500 words)
  2. Money Saving Tips Blogger for
  3. Blogger for Windows 10 Update


  1. Senior Copy Writer for MOO
  2. Copywriter for RetailMeNot, Inc. (Freelance)
  3. Newsletter Editor for City of Takoma Park (Contract, $1,800/month)
  4. Marketing Copywriter for HIMSS Media (Full Time)

Content writing

  1. Freelance Writer for NogalsWriters ($7,000.00 /month)
  2. Movie Critic/News Writers for
  3. Writer for ProCat Distribution Technologies (Freelance)
  4. Content Writer for Soft System Solution (Freelance, $15/hour)
  5. Freelance Writer for ScribeSpace
  6. Writer/Curator for women’s website (Remote)
  7. PR/Marketing Writer for Chase Marketing Company (Freelance)
  8. Web Content Writer for Access Staffing (contract work, $35/hour)
  9. Freelance contributing writer for Slickdeals (only candidates in United States apply to this job, $150 to $350 depending on the assignment)
  10. Freelance Writers for Sokolove Law
  11. Writer/Project Coordinator for Emily’s Entourage (Part Time, $30/hour)


  1. Editorial Intern for
  2. Online Intern for
  3. Editorial Intern for


  1. Healthcare writer for Deke Digital (freelance/flexible)
  2. Restaurant Industry Reporter for OTR Global (Freelance, $60,000 to $65,000)
  3. Science Writer for American Association for Cancer Research (Full Time)
  4. Health/Science Writer ($150 for 1000+ word pilot article)
  5. Freelance Medical Writer to write trivia questions for SanovaWorks

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