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Blogging Jobs, July 1, 2015

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Should you decide pursuing a successful career as a freelance blogger or writer, you need to balance your professional and personal life while working at home. This will be trying especially for first-time freelancers living at home with friends and relatives. Productive work will be next to impossible if you have people around to distract and keep you from working properly.

However, by following the tips featured in this post, you will be able to increase your productivity, get more things, and have more time for yourself.

Take heed of the advice in the post and apply them once you are hired by clients from the blogging jobs you will be applying for below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. ERP, Project Management, IT, Supply Chain Ghost Blogger (50 per article)


  1. Copywriter for The American Program Bureau
  2. Freelance Editorial Assistant for
  3. Freelance Digital Copy Editor for Food & Wine
  4. Freelance Proofreader/Editor for Brella Productions
  5. Freelance Consumer Copywriter for Brella Productions

Content writing

  1. Freelance Writer (Contractor) for PulsePoint
  2. Freelance Writer for LocalLabs
  3. Article Writer for Discuss Much ($25 per article plus bonuses of up to $50)
  4. Freelance Writer with Knowledge of Foreign Culture for xpatnation ($30/article)
  5. Writer for Ethical Travel News ($40 per published article)
  6. Marketing and Entrepreneurship Writer for Ecommerce.Com
  7. Entry-Level Freelance Writers for Syd Writing Services
  8. Quality AdTech Writer
  9. Freelance Writer for Purch


  1. Web Content Publisher for Creative Circle ( 6-12 month onsite freelance assignment at Dallas, TX)
  2. Freelance Grant Writer for Creative Circle (up to $40/hour)
  3. Editorial Assistant for Virtual Branding Blog
  4. Educator-Author for Book on Google Classroom ($2,000 for approximately 25,000 words)
  5. Life Sciences/Biotechnology Writer for Clarity Consultants (Virtual & Flexible Hours)
  6. Interview Editor, Writers for BitCatcha

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