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Blogging Jobs – December 9, 2016

We’re one week in the month of December – got enough money for the holidays? Here are more writing jobs to keep your pockets full.


  1. Content Writer/Blogger for online marketing firm (Freelance)
  2. Blogger at CounselingWise (Part Time)
  3. Blogger at IAPWE (Remote)
  4. In-House Blogger (Part Time)
  5. Blogger at Cogentys Corp (Remote)
  6. Beauty Journalist and Blogger at Darby Smart (Freelance/Temporary)
  7. Content Blogger for music entertainment website (Freelance/Temporary)


  1. Copywriter for Baltimore-based agency (Part Time)
  2. Copywriter for online apparel company (Temporary)
  3. Copywriter at Sterling-Rice Group (Freelance)
  4. Copywriter for Seattle-based agency (Freelance/Temporary)


  1. Healthcare Editor (Remote)
  2. Copy Editor (Temporary/Freelance)

Content Writing

  1. Freelance Content Writer at Seasonics International (Part Time)
  2. Product Review Writer at Mostcraft (Remote)
  3. Freelance Content Writer at UrbanBound (Remote)
  4. Content Specialist at Chilisauce (Remote)


  1. Traffic & Partnerships Intern at (Paid)
  2. Social Media Intern at The BuzzBug (Remote)


  1. Freelance Writer at New Times Media Group (Temporary/Freelance)
  2. Technical Writer at West Valley Staffing Group (Temporary)
  3. Freelance Writer at Valley Community Newspapers (Temporary)
  4. Business Writer (Part Time)
  5. Proposal Writer at Peoplentech LLC (Remote/Temporary)
  6. Resume Writer at RiseSmart (Remote)


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