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Blogging Jobs – December 6, 2016

Every successful writer had to start somewhere. Today’s BloggerJobs.Biz list could be your big break!


  1. Blogger at Charm House, LLC (Freelance)
  2. Beauty Journalist and Blogger at Darby Smart (Freelance/Temporary)
  3. Daily News Blogger at Investopedia (Remote/Freelance)
  4. Writer/Blogger at DMV Events (Temporary)


  1. Freelance Copywriter for consumer-focused advertising agency (Freelance/Temporary)
  2. Copywriter at Brooklyn United (Freelance)


  1. Scientific Editor at Harrisco (Remote)
  2. Freelance Editor at G2 Crowd (Temporary/Part Time)
  3. Technical Editor at Kaplan (Part Time/Remote)
  4. Associate Writer/Editor at Education Labs (Remote)
  5. Blog Post Writer/Editor at IAPWE (Remote)
  6. Editor at Hornall Anderson (Freelance)

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer for small ecommerce company (Part Time)
  2. Legal Content Writer at BlueSpark Digital (Temporary)
  3. Content Writer at Single to Mingle (Part Time)
  4. Virtual Reality Content Writer (Temporary)
  5. League of Legends Content Writer at (Freelance)


  1. Lifestyle Content Writing & Social Media Intern (Remote)
  2. Editorial Intern at Us Weekly (Paid)
  3. Freelance Financial Writing Intern at Vistage International (Remote)
  4. Editorial Intern at C California Style Magazine (Part Time)


  1. Beauty Niche Writer (Remote)
  2. Freelance Writer at DIG Magazine (Temporary)
  3. Script Writer at Filmless (Freelance)
  4. Writing Assistant for boutique law firm (Part Time)


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Romeo works as a freelance writer, content manager at GoSMRK, and community manager at BloggerJobs.Biz. He started freelancing at age 20; working in the shadows as a ghostwriter in many niches such as digital marketing, health, self-help, and religion. But now, you can see his face. Say Hi!