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Blogging Jobs – December 2, 2016

Time for the last BloggerJobs.Biz list for this week. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Freelance Blogger for vaporizer brand (Temporary)
  2. Beauty Blogger for Portland-based company (Remote)
  3. Content Writer/Blogger at 1on1 Development (Full Time)
  4. Blogger/Freelancer at SeeMonster Media (Temporary)
  5. Local Community Representative and Blogger (Part Time)
  6. Marketing Content Creator/Blogger (Full Time)


  1. Freelance Copywriter for digital agency (Remote)
  2. Professional Copywriter for Miami-based agency (Temporary)


  1. Copywriter/Copyeditor (Part Time)
  2. Proofreader at Wyzant (Remote/Part Time)

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer at (Remote)
  2. Tech-Savvy Content Writer at SevenTablets (Remote)
  3. Content Writer at Cloudwards (Remote)
  4. Content Writer at Kinnek (Freelance)
  5. Freelance Writer at The Bacon (Temporary)
  6. Content Writer at (Freelance)


  1. Editorial Intern (Paid)
  2. Editorial Intern at Psychology Today (Paid/Part Time)


  1. Editorial Assistant (Part Time)
  2. Legal Writer at boutique marketing company (Freelance)
  3. Stock Market Writer at Wyatt Investment Research (Freelance)
  4. Grant Writer at Community Music Center (Temporary)
  5. Machine Tools Writer at Single Grain (Remote)
  6. Technical Writer (Freelance)
  7. Tech Writer at Brit + Co (Remote)

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Romeo works as a freelance writer, content manager at GoSMRK, and community manager at BloggerJobs.Biz. He started freelancing at age 20; working in the shadows as a ghostwriter in many niches such as digital marketing, health, self-help, and religion. But now, you can see his face. Say Hi!