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Blogging Jobs – December 12, 2016

Here’s another BloggerJobs.Biz list to kickstart another productive week!


  1. Technology Writer/Blogger at (Remote)
  2. Volunteer Blogger at New England Anchors Basketball (Remote)
  3. Beauty Journalist/Blogger at Darby Smart (Freelance)
  4. Freelance Blogger at Coed Media Group (Freelance)


  1. Copywriter for several projects (Freelance)
  2. B2B Copywriter at KEO Marketing Inc (Freelance/Part Time)


  1. Book Writer/Editor (Part Time)
  2. Writer/Editor for global real estate expert (Temporary)

Content Writing

  1. Men’s Fashion/Lifestyle Writer at MHN Media (Remote)
  2. Content Writer at (Remote)
  3. Content Writer at Liftable (Remote)
  4. Content Writer at Group A LLC (Temporary)


  1. Editorial Intern at Modern Luxury (Part Time)
  2. Editorial/Media Intern at MARCOA Publishing (Paid)
  3. Social Media/SEO Intern at Nividium Technologies, Inc. (Temporary)
  4. Lifestyle Intern at (Paid)
  5. Digital Content Intern at Porter & Sail (Paid)


  1. Freelance Writer at (Part Time)
  2. Digital Media/Technical Writer at Object Information Services (Remote)
  3. Freelance Writer at ViDA (Remote)
  4. Tech Writer (Temporary)
  5. Freelance Writer for local news organization (Remote)
  6. Freelance Writer at Section B (Remote)
  7. Warehouse Logistics Writer at Backbone Media (Remote)
  8. Technical Writer at Xerox (Remote)


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