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Blogging Jobs – December 1, 2016

It’s December – you probably have big plans. Here are more writing jobs to help you survive this expensive month!


  1. Music Blogger/Reviewer (Freelance)
  2. Blogger and Editor at (Remote)
  3. Blogger at (Remote)
  4. Blog and Content Writer (Remote)
  5. Freelance Blogger at Joshua Hardwick (Remote)
  6. DIY Blogger at DIY (Remote)
  7. Electric/Natural Gas Blogger at Energy Central (Remote)


  1. Copywriter for Seattle-based creative agency (Freelance)


  1. Marketing Writer/Copy Editor (Freelance/Temporary)
  2. English Proofreader for law firm (Part Time)
  3. Business and Marketing Writer/Editor at Sproutworth (Remote)
  4. Writer/Editor at Aptara (Remote)

Content Writing

  1. Web Content Writer at (Remote)
  2. Legal Website/Marketing Content Writer (Part Time)
  3. Content Writer & Marketing Assistant at Chairlift (Part Time)
  4. Science Content Writer at WonderHowTo (Remote)


  1. Editorial Intern at 20/20 Magazine (Paid)
  2. Writing Intern at Study Breaks (Part Time)
  3. Marketing/Social Media Intern at Do LaB (Part Time)


  1. Online Feature Writer at AmericanTowns Media (Remote)
  2. Freelance Writer at (Freelance/Temporary)
  3. Agriculture Staff Writer (Remote)
  4. New Media Contributor at Yellow Bear (Remote)
  5. Travel/Luxury/Food Writer at BIZLY (Temporary)
  6. Political Freelance Writer at Practical Politicking, LLC (Remote)


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