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Blogging Jobs, August 7, 2015

student-849825_1280Good day!

Before writing a blog post, you need to define the goals you wish to achieve. This post at Business 2 Community answers the two most important questions that bloggers need to answer in each of their posts: why are you creating content for your readers and why are you creating content for your business?

Both questions appear to be the same to the naked eye. However, they aim to achieve different goals. Once you read the article, you will understand that the goals for your readers and business are exclusive, which is a good thing. Both goals allow you to layer your posts so that they kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.

Taking this approach when writing posts keeps your readers and clients happy, leaving you with more blogging opportunities in the future.

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Blogging jobs

  1. WordPress Blogger for (Freelance)
  2. Ghostblogger for network of urgent care clinics (Remote, One or two 800+ word posts per week/pay per post TBD)
  3. Technology/eCommerce Writer for Wpromote (Freelance)
  4. Writers for Snackeez (Freelance)


  1. Editorial Assistant for (Freelance)
  2. Weekend Editor for Brit + Co (Freelance/Part-Time)
  3. Strategic Copywriter for Firewood Marketing (Freelance)
  4. Electronic Newsletter Editor for PinHawk (Part-Time/Remote)
  5. Copywriter/Editor for NewsBank, inc. (Freelance)
  6. Local Content Copywriter for The Collective 360 (Full-Time)
  7. Senior Writer/Editor for Home Front Communications (Full-Time)
  8. Managing Style Editor for COMPLEX (Full-Time)

Content writing

  1. Writer for Merry Jane (Remote)
  2. Autos Writer for The Cheat Sheet (Freelance, Remote)
  3. Gadgets Writer for The Cheat Sheet (Freelance, Remote)
  4. Writer with Business Background (Freelance)
  5. Writers for New Travel Website (Freelance, $25-30 per article)
  6. Writers and Photographer for Trucks & Guns Magazine (Freelance, $50-500)
  7. Content Artisan for Toro Financial (Freelance)
  8. Parenting Writer for Parents Digital (Remote, $15-20/hour)


  1. Editorial Intern for
  2. Editorial Intern for This Old House ($10/hour)
  3. Editorial Intern for Maxim Magazine


  1. Stock Market Writer for Wyatt Investment Research (Freelance)
  2. Technical Writer for GDH (Remote)
  3. Resume Writer for RiseSmart (Freelance/Remote)
  4. Technical Writer for Optimizely (Freelance, $400/article)
  5. Technical Writer for Kforce (Remote)

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