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Blogging Jobs, August 6, 2015

crowd-789652_1280Good day!

Oftentimes, you can work your way up to becoming a blogger. Other times, however, blogging chooses you.

This is the case with Nikki Parkinson, a 20-year journalist who innocuously launched a blog to promote her public relations business and ended up writing compelling styling and business tips as content.

The former Sunshine Coast Daily journalist was the first blogger to win the Telstra Queensland Business in the micro business category.

As a journalist, Nikki realizes the differences between writing for a publication as opposed to writing for an audience.

“[I]t was understanding the difference between writing as a journalist and a blogger – you’re starting a conversation, not just putting words out there,” she said in a feature article at Sunshine Coast Daily.

Learning how to write is a required skill in blogging. But it is all about building relationships with your readers that truly defines a blogger. If you possess this skill, then you can find success by blogging about your passions and building a readership.

Developing this allows you to nab better blogging jobs out there, some of which are featured below.

Blogging jobs

  1. Social Media Blogger for Indoor Extreme Sports (Freelance)
  2. Blog Content Writer for Auto-Graphics (Freelance)
  3. Travel Blogger for The Creative Group (Freelance, $20.00 to $25.00 per hour)


  1. Health Editor for ConsumerReports (Temporary)
  2. Writer/Copy Editor for GWF Associates, LLC (Freelance)
  3. Lead Copy Content Editor for Medscape (Full-Time)
  4. Copywriter for Digital Media company (Freelance, $35/hr DOE)
  5. Financial Content Editor for Hartke Hanks (Full-Time)
  6. Proofreader for DryBar (Freelance)
  7. Editor for BBC Autos (Freelance)
  8. Copywriter for global healthcare products company (Freelance, $25-$35/hr)
  9. Editor/Proofreader for Mockingbird Education (Contract)
  10. Public Relations / Copy Writer for Exit One Solutions (Freelance/Part-Time)
  11. Junior Writer + Proofreader for healthcare organization client (Freelance)

Content writing

  1. Website Content Writer for The Creative Group (Freelance, $20-25/hr DOE)
  2. SEO Kitchen and Food Content Writer for Funnel LLC (Freelance)
  3. Content Writer and Manager for Time Doctor (Full-Time)
  4. Technical SEO Writer for Chimaera Labs (Freelance)
  5. Snarky Writers for All Day Media (Remote)
  6. Health News Reporters for (Freelance)
  7. Movie/TV/Gaming News Writers for (Contract)


  1. Content Marketing Manager for Base CRM (Full-Time)
  2. Web Content Manager for Knockout Gaming (Full-Time)
  3. Writer and Content Marketer for Contract Live (Full-Time)
  4. Content Marketer for Treasurefy (Remote)
  5. Content Moderator  for (Remote)
  6. Technical Writer/Editor for (Freelance)

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