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Blogging Jobs, August 31, 2015

iStock_000019556122_SmallGood day!

Quitting your full-time job is not something that you do with a snap of your fingers. There are different factors that you need to consider before you leave the job that pays the bills and supports your lifestyle.

You need a plan that allows you to enjoy independence from your employer and work at your own pace.

You may need to pursue a career in blogging.

If you are new to this site, you have come to the right place! We feature the best and latest blogging jobs available in the market.

If you are still working a full-time job, you may want to consider applying for part-time blogging jobs to build up your portfolio. From here, you can transition into becoming a full-time blogger and resign from your job.

Another way you can do this is start your own blog. Here is a post by Holly Johnson at Club Thrifty to learn how you can do this.

But as you are developing your own blog, you can still apply for writing and blogging job below.

Blogging jobs

  1. Health Blogger for (Remote/Freelance)
  2. Animal Blogger for (Remote/Freelance)
  3. Entertainment Blogger for (Remote/Freelance)
  4. Expert SEO, Content Marketing and Social Blogger for Leverage (Freelance)
  5. HR & Recruiting Writer for Kibin (Freelance, 15 cents /word)
  6. Blog Writer for The Economist Group (Freelance)
  7. Firearms Blogger for Genesis CNC (Part-Time)
  8. Children’s Services Blogger for Kool Kids Training College (Freelance)


  1. Copywriter/Content Marketer for I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Inc (Freelance)
  2. Copy Writer/Content Developer for Cardwell Creative (Part-Time)
  3. Copy Writer/Digital Marketing Coordinator for Jump Six Marketing (Full-Time, $10/hour)


  1. Sports News Editor/Writer for Starpulse (Remote)
  2. Assistant Editor, Content Maintenance for Healthline (Full Time)
  3. Assistant Editor for Healthline (Part-Time)
  4. Managing Editor for Oxford University Press (Full-Time)

Content writing

  1. Conservative/Capitalist World Politics Writer (Freelance)
  2. Writer for Fox & Friends (Freelance)
  3. Writer for (Freelance/Part-Time)
  4. SEC Football Writers for Saturday Down South (Freelance)
  5. Sports Writer for (Remote/Freelance)
  6. Fact List Writer for (Remote/Freelance)
  7. Contributing Writer for Brit + Co. (Freelance)
  8. Content Writer for HappyFox Inc. (Freelance)


  1. Editorial, Social Media or Video Intern for VIBE Magazine
  2. Fashion Editorial Contributor for Deux Hommes
  3. Editorial Intern for Dr. OZ THE GOOD LIFE Magazine


  1. Content Marketing Editor for D Custom (Freelance)
  2. Social Media Writer for Sulte Group (Freelance/Remote)
  3. Web Development Newsletter Curator for BigHit (Freelance)

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