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Blogging Jobs, August 3, 2015

error-101407_640Good day!

And we’re back!

Hope you missed us, because we miss sharing the latest and best writing and blogging jobs for you.

The incident that took place with our blog would also concern you as bloggers. Technical difficulties can prevent you from working properly and producing your desired output. In these cases, make sure that you cover all your bases so you can still blog for your clients as if nothing happened.

You need to develop a plan B in case your internet connection goes down or a malware infected your blog (same thing that happened with this blog). We will discuss this in depth within this week.

For now, let us do what we do best: keep you up to date with the latest blogging job offers.

Blogging jobs

  1. Wine and Food Events Blogger for New York Wine Events (Freelance)
  2. Sports Bloggers for Blasting News (Freelance)
  3. Content Marketing Blogger for TruConversion (Freelance)
  4. Luxury Travel, Food & Wine Blogger (Freelance)
  5. Blogger for Adverteeze (Freelance)
  6. Experienced Health/Fitness Expert Writers for Copper Fit (Freelance)


  1. Copy Editor for Onion Inc. (Full-Time)
  2. Copy Editor for EBSCO (Contract)
  3. Sports Copywriter for digital consulting firm client (Freelance, Up to $40/hr)
  4. Copywriter for Creative Circle (Freelance, Up to $29/hr depending on experience)
  5. Proofreader/Copy Editor for Michael J. Hennessy Associates, Inc. (Part-time/Freelance)
  6. Executive Editor for Campbell Ewald (Full-Time)
  7. Content Editor for Movoto LLC (Full-Time)

Content writing

  1. Writer/Content Specialist for Piedmont Healthcare (Full-Time)
  2. Writer for Maritz (Freelance)
  3. Writer for Helios Education Foundation (Freelance)
  4. Lifestyle Writers for LoveToKnow (Freelance)
  5. SEO Food Writer for (Freelance, $50/post)
  6. Writer and Photographer for Respoken Magazine (Freelance, $30/400-500-word Feature Articles; $20/Feature Article Pictures; $20: Small Fashion Posts)
  7. Reporter for (Freelance)


  1. Editorial/Social Media Intern for Olee Fowler LLC
  2. Editorial Intern for Alternative Press Magazine
  3. Intern for Mood of Living


  1. Technical Writer for retail client (Freelance)
  2. Business Reporter for The Daily Cloud (Freelance)
  3. Medical Writer for The Healthgrades (Freelance)

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