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Blogging Jobs, August 26, 2015

Businessman typing on his computerGood day!

There are good and bad things about becoming a writer or blogger. Check out this post at Business News Daily if you share the same sentiments with editors, authors, and freelancers about writing.

While it is normal to feel tired from writing, it is important to know whether you are passionate with it. This ensures that, even if you tire of writing, you will stick with it through thick and thin.

If you are this person, then you should not mind applying for more blogging and writing jobs below.

Blogging jobs

  1. Bloggers/Writers for Multi-Niche Websites for Hot Pop Now (Freelance, $130 per week to begin (per site))
  2. Blog Writer with SEO and Content Marketing Experience for CanIRank (Freelance)
  3. English Writer/ Blogger for Volunteer Abroad, Travel Abroad at travellersques (Freelance, $500- $800 per month (depending up on your qualification and experience))


  1. Copywriter for 27 Seven Inc. (Full-Time, $17/hour)


  1. Digital Editor for Disney Consumer Products (Full-Time)
  2. Communications Writer/Editor for Global Technology Campus (Freelance/Part-Time, $17/hour)
  3. Friday night/weekend Entertainment copy editor/proofreader (Contract)
  4. Senior Music Editor for (Full-Time)
  5. Writer for Gossip Brunch (Remote)

Content writing

  1. Content Writer for Ayima (Freelance/Remote)
  2. Writer for UrbanBound (Remote)
  3. Lifestyle News Writer for (Remote)
  4. Writer for Integrated Digital Strategies (Freelance, 0.04 cents per word)
  5. Journalist / Web Content Writer (Freelance, $50 – $80 an hour)
  6. Feature Writers for Seacoast Media Group (Freelance)


  1. Fall/Winter Intern for MANAHATTAN magazine
  2. Editorial Intern for hearty magazine
  3. Web Editorial Intern for NewBeauty Magazine
  4. Editorial Intern for Weill Cornell Medical College ($15/hour)


  1. Grant Writer for Polaris Dance Theatre (Freelance)
  2. Web Content Manager for The BOSS Group (Full-Time)
  3. Tech Writer for Bighit ltd. (Freelance)
  4. Software Development Tech Writer for 8sph (Freelance)
  5. Social Media Editor for (Contract)
  6. Internet Privacy Writer (Freelance)
  7. Professional Branding | Talented Writer | HR & Recruitment Expert for Arielle Careers (Freelance)

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