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Blogging Jobs, August 25, 2015

tweet-155281_1280Good day!

Twitter users associate the micro-blogging site as a way to share thoughts on the go.

But did you know that the 140-character limit helps the disabled with developing their communications skills?

“According to researchers,” says Anirban Das at Focus News, “[M]any people with communication disabilities who use assistive technologies already knew how to make their communication short and succinct and, therefore, tended to flourish on Twitter.”

As mentioned, blogging is a platform where people can be heard. The same goes for people with disabilities who are unable to express themselves in long sentences. Twitter’s character limit gives them a chance to make connections despite everything.

Take a cue from blogging for the good in the example above. Apply to the blogging jobs below.

Blogging jobs

  1. SMS Blogger for (Freelance/Remote)
  2. Blogger / Copywriter for a design and media agency (freelance)
  3. Creative Writer/Blogger for CareerAddict (Freelamce, $30 per article)
  4. Blogger for Custom Earth Promos (Part-Time/ $15/post)


  1. Copywriter for St. Louis client (Freelance, $19 – $25 an hour)
  2. Copywriters to sell a system of content marketing for Slice International (Freelance)


  1. Store Copywriter and Editor for Dwell Media, LLC (Full-Time)
  2. Editor for Content Marketing Firm (Full-Time)
  3. Writers ad Editors for Online Travel, Food and Wellness magazine (Freelance, $10 and $35 per feature, depending on experience)
  4. B2B Proofreader/ Copyeditor for international agency (Freelance/Remote)
  5. Editor for SmartBrief (Freelance)

Content writing

  1. Marketing and digital branding content for B2B client (Freelance/Remote)
  2. Senior Fashion Writer for Refinery29 (Full-Time)
  3. Content writers for Meet Parker (Temporary, $15-35/hour)
  4. Writer/Reporter for Rambler Newspapers (Freelance, $40 a day)
  5. Azula Writer for Oceana, INC (Freelance/Reporter)
  6. West Coast News Writer for Opposing Views Inc. (Freelance)


  1. Editorial Externship for The Culture Trip (Part-Time)
  2. Freelance Contributor for The Culture Trip


  1. Item Writers to develop test items for large-scale assessment programs covering elementary, middle and secondary school levels for Measured Progress (Freelance)
  2. Quiz Writer for (Freelance/Remote)
  3. Technical Writer/Specialist for UniterHealth Group (Work at Minnetonka, MN or US Remote)
  4. Creative Script Writer for Top 10 Archive (Remote)
  5. Development Writer for National Audubon Society (Full-Time, Under $65,000)

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