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Blogging Jobs, August 21, 2015

hammer-802300_1280Good day!

Blogging is a great platform to get your ideas across readers. But there is a price to pay if your ideas cross the line of good taste.

The Irish Examiner reports that a WordPress user published a blog that exposes the practices of Petroceltic International, an exploration company based in Ireland. The Irish court forced Autommatic Inc., owner of WordPress, to suspend the account of the blogger making “untrue” defamatory statements against the company.

Blogging is a powerful medium. In the right hands, blogging can empower people to action. But when used differently, it can be destructive.

Make sure that you are blogging in good taste. Instead of using blogging to destroy reputations and harbor ill will, use it to spread goodwill.

You can start by applying to the blogging jobs below.

Blogging jobs

  1. News, lifestyle, and Entertainment Blogger for (Freelance, Remote)
  2. Fashion or Beauty Blogger for Franklin Networks (Freelance)
  3. Real Estate Writer for Wpromote (Freelance)
  4. Copy Writer / Blogger for Influicity (Freelance, $25/blog)
  5. Technical Writer/Blogger for Threat Intelligence (Contract)
  6. Property Management and Real Estate Blogger for Digital Waybill (Freelance)


  1. Copywriter with Biotech or Life Science background (Freelance)
  2. Real Estate Copywriter for Estately (Freelance, $150/article)


  1. Writer, Editor, Assistant for (Freelance. $15/hour)
  2. Associate Editor for Abrams Media (Full-Time)
  3. Associate Editor for National Wild Turkey Federation (Full-Time)
  4. Senior Editor for IBT Media (Full-Time)
  5. Online Editor for Ragan Communications and PR Daily (Full-Time)
  6. News Editor for NewMarket Health (Full-Time)

Content writing

  1. Content Writer at Ledgent Technology (Full-Time)
  2. Automotive Writers for CarsDirect (Freelance/Remote)
  3. Internet Article Writer for BKA (Freelance)
  4. Content Writer for Natural Sleep Products Company (Remote, $15- 25 per hour)
  5. Food Writer (Freelance. $17/hour)
  6. Staff Writer for Press News Group
  7. Journalist/Writer for CampusBacon (Freelance)


  1. Editorial Intern for ($10/hour or for school credit)
  2. Fall Features Intern for Town & Country Print Magazine
  3. Editorial Intern for Charlotte Magazine ($7.25/hour)
  4. Political Blogger/Writer for The Millennial Vote Initiative (Freelance, Unpaid)


  1. Content Marketing Manager for Rainforest QA (Full-Time)
  2. RFP or Grant/Proposal Writer for LRN (Full-Time)
  3. Business Writer/Reporter for Inside Columbia magazine (Freelance, Part-Time)

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