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Blogging Jobs, August 19, 2015

technology-791034_1280Good day!

For stay-at-home parents, one of the biggest challenges you will have to overcome is boredom. There is nothing more excruciating than waiting for the day to end without doing anything, only to repeat the process the next day.

Blogging is an outlet for parents to regain their sanity. They express their thoughts in words and share with to an audience. Blogging also lets them maintain in contact with people in the online space.

Another great thing about blogging is the money you can earn by following its best practices.

Cathy Car at Sun Star discusses the benefits of blogging in this post.

While you are already blogging for money, the post is testament to the power of blogging. Keep its points in mind to keep you inspired in writing and connecting with your audience.

Blogging jobs

  1. Bloggers who love forex (Freelance)
  2. Writerss/Journalists/Bloggers for
  3. Blogger on Internet Marketing (Freelance)


  1. Editor and Co-Writer for HighStreet to write and edit engaging proposal and grant pieces (Freelance)
  2. Sex & Dating Editor for Thrillist (Full-Time)
  3. Website Editor: Video Games for Gateway Media, LLC (Full-Time)
  4. Ideas Editor for Bridgespan Group (Full-Time)
  5. Writer/Editor for Remedy Partners (Full-Time)
  6. Product Copywriter (Remote, $14.50 hourly)
  7. Copywriter to conceive, develop and produce effective advertisements (freelancers)
  8. Web Editor for Not In Our Town (Freelance)
  9. Associate Editor for The Daily Muse (Full-Time)
  10. Editors for Goodwin Hospitality (Remote)
  11. Entertainment Editor for Thrillist (Full-Time)

Content writing

  1. Freelance Writer with In-depth Knowledge of Fruit Growing & Orchard Culture for TBK, Inc. (Remote/Contract)
  2. Writing In Online Sports Media for (Freelance)
  3. Writer for (Freelance, $15/post)
  4. Movie/TV/Gaming News Writers for (Freelance)
  5. Writer for (Freelance, located in Maine, $750 per month)
  6. Content Writer for Noom, Inc. (3-MONTH CONTRACT)
  7. Writer for WebpageFX (Freelance, $10-$80 a post – varies based on word count, amount of research required, etc.)
  8. Sex & Dating Writer for Thrillist (Full-Time)
  9. Content Writer for (Freelance/$15 an hour)


  1. Editorial Assistant (Intern) for Topix Media Lab
  2. Editorial Intern for Creator Magazine
  3. Editorial Intern for Out magazine


  1. Technical Writer for Northwoods Consulting Partners (Freelance/Contract)
  2. International Business Writer (Remote/Contract)

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