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Blogging Jobs, August 18, 2015

social-network-76532_640Good day!

Ever wondered where the Facebook Notes went?

The social networking site is bringing back its blogging platform. This time, Facebook Notes is coming back with a vengeance.

With an improved UI and better editing features, Facebook Notes should attract more users looking to publish their content. It will also be interesting to see how the notes will appear on people’s News Feeds. Bloggers and influencers must watch out for further development on how Facebook Notes will perform in the coming weeks.

If Facebook Notes proves to be effective in reaching out to your audience, consider finding a way to integrate this tool in your blogging strategy.

As the story unfolds, apply to blogging jobs below.

Blogging jobs

  1. WordPress Writer for WordCandy (Freelance/Remote, $70–$150 per article)


  1. Pharma Copywriter for digital agency client located in Philadelphia (Freelance)
  2. Creative Editor to develop stories for New Yorker Radio Hour (Full-Time)
  3. Copywriter for our Los Angeles Sightseeing and Destination website (Freelance, $50 per 300-500 words)
  4. Copy Editor for EPIX to assist with a metadata audit and update for all short-form video content (Part-Time, $20/hour)
  5. Copywriter who will be writing and editing email and website copy as well as microsites, banners and other digital content (Freelance, $35/hr)
  6. Copywriter for Secret Escapes US to support the US editor (Freelance, $35 per sale written)
  7. Copywriter focused on maintenance, repair and installation of HVAC for Web Full Circle (Freelance, $9-$12/hour)

Content writing

  1. Writer for All Day Media (Freelance, $15/article)
  2. Writer/Content Creator, “Necta Maker” for Nectafy (Full-Time, Rockland, MA)
  3. Sports Writers for TheSporters (Contract/Remote)
  4. Human Interest Story Writers for The Hartford County Women Magazine (Freelance/Part-Time)
  5. Writers for Winners Within Us Magazineâ„¢ (Freelance)


  1. Photo Intern for ($10/hour)
  2. Intern for Splitsville


  1. News Writer for News 12 Connecticut to assist in developing and producing local television news (Freelance)
  2. SEO Director for LegalMatch (Full-Time)
  3. Branded Content Manager for Industry Dive (Full-Time)
  4. Home Textile Writer for The Sweethome (Freelance/Remote)
  5. Junor Kitchen Writer for The Sweethome (Full-Time at New York, NY)
  6. PR, Social Media and Design Freelancers for Supercool Creative (Part-Time/Contract, $20-$25/hr)
  7. Senior Scientific Writer for Galderma (Full-Time in Fort Worth, TX)
  8. Social Media Editor for Refinery29 (Full-Time at New York, NY)
  9. Grant Writer for Path 2 Learning Services, LLC (Freelance, 250/day)

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