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Blogging Jobs, April 9, 2015

phone-210972_640Good day!

Communication is key to an effective working relationship with your team members and manger, which lead to better performances for all parties involved.

This is carried out easier in a office setting, where everybody can just be called out for a meeting or each can just walk up the desk of their team members to discuss issues.

The same luxury is absent from freelancing, where communication is limited to online meetings, teleconferences, instant messaging, and emails. While these are great ways to send out information, it doesn’t hold a candle to face-to-face communication. More importantly, internet connection can be unstable, which prevents you from receiving your messages on time.

In this case, you need to collaborate with your clients and managers on how to create an effective dialogue between both of you so the job gets done much quicker. Once you’ve established this, you can manage your freelance job efficiently and take up more  clients in the process.

Once you have refined your communication skills, you will need to find more blogging jobs to maximizey our earnings capabilities. Below are blogging and writing gigs that may suit your needs.

Blogging jobs

  1. Automotive Blogger for Spork Marketing
  2. Tech Blogger for Guiding Tech
  3. Serious Indie Gaming Writer Wanted for Insightful Editorial Blog
  4. Marketing and Brand Expert Wanted To Write For Insightful Blog


  1. Copywriter for Vacasa (remote but requires in-person training and monthly meetings to be held in their North Portland office)

Content writing

  1. Writer / Researcher / Editor Wanted for Epic Presence
  2. Arts & Crafts Writer
  3. Garden Writer
  4. Technology Experts – Freelance Writing
  5. Travel Writer for Geckos Tales
  6. Contributing News Writer for Cinema Blend


  1. Long-term author to write about online marketing, SEO, link building for Promodo
  2. Deputy Proposal Manager
  3. Freelance Social Media/Community Editor Wanted For Online Publications
  4. FREELANCE WRITER / EDITOR for Prose Media
  5. Content Editor for Virtue Marketing LLC
  6. Medical Website Editor
  7. Freelance home tech reporters for Digital Trends

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Check out tomorrow’s post for a new batch of blogging jobs and writing opportunities!

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