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Blogging Jobs, April 8, 2015

iStock_000060316302_SmallGood day!

Unlike your typical day job, freelance writing is different. In case you need help in differentiating both from each other, here’s a really good post from The Huffington Post.

Just like any other job out there, freelance writing has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s just a matter of you being able to accept all that freelancing can offer and making a great career out of it.

Once you have come into terms with the good and bad of freelancing writing, it’s time to find blogging jobs and writing gigs to make the most out of your decision.

Blogging jobs

  1. Blogger for Nutrition Facts and Data
  2. Blogger / Content Creator for YeahDog
  3. Executive Recruitment Freelance Writer / Blogger for Backbone Media


  1. Blogger / Copywriter for Delysia Chocolatier
  2. Offsite Project Based B2B Copywriter for Creative Circle

Content writing

  1. Writers for
  2. Writer with experience in IM niche for Gehl Media Inc
  3. Writer for
  4. Freelance writers for Men’s Lifestyle Website
  5. Freelance Helpful Guides Writer for Digital Trends (telecommute unless you live in NYC or Portland, OR)
  6. Freelance Georgia Writer Needed For Ongoing Job


  1. Content Marketing Manager
  2. English and Math content developers for standardized tests
  3. Law Enforcement Services Representative
  4. Guide – Dysfunctional Relationships Support
  5. Writing – Undergraduate School – Adjunct Faculty
  6. Ghostwriter for Virtual Dating Assistants (for US residents only)
  7. Auction analytics original content creator for The Collectors Index (remote but bonus  if you can work from our office at least once a week)
  8. Freelance Technical Writer for EnSoft

Freelance writing tips of the day: Alyssa Ast on Starting a Freelance Writing Career at Creative Writing Now

Check out tomorrow’s post to find blogging jobs and writing opportunities that fit your skill set!

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