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Blogging Jobs, April 7, 2015

iStock_000030915436_SmallGood day!

It’s never too late to find blog jobs regardless of age.

Take cue from Michael J. Solender, a guy who has been working as an HR professional for 25 years only to be laid off at the age of 50. Instead of re-entering the workforce, where he will be competing with younger and fiercer employees vying for a position he once held, Michael decided to try his hand on freelance writing, a decision he is proud of making.

If Michael can do it, so can you! Below are blogging jobs and freelance writing gigs that you should try your hand at.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Content Marketing, Social Media Blogger for Activate Online
  2. Need Tech Blogger As Inside Man For InBusiness, Inc.


  1. Freelance Copy Editor for Express Writers
  2. Copyeditor for Parents Society
  3. Freelance technical copyeditors wanted

Content writing

  1. Writers Needed For HisPotion
  2. Ghost Writer for On the Inside Press
  3. Wine & Craft Beverage Writer for Bricker Publishing


  1. Math Content Illustrator
  2. Drones & Robotics Writer / Researcher
  3. Math Content Creator
  4. Health, Medicine, and Nursing Content Creator
  5. English Grammar Question Writer
  6. Freelance Investment Writer
  7. Hermes Category Description Project Seeks Writers
  8. Fashion Writer for Cleo Project
  9. Communications Specialist
  10. Assistant Staff Writer
  11. Developer Support
  12. ELA Assessment Content Editor 

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Check out tomorrow’s post to find blog jobs and writing opportunities that suit you!


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