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Blogging Jobs, April 29, 2015

social-media-668795_640Good day!

One of the skills freelance writers will eventually pick up along the way is using Twitter (and social media in general) for promoting their services. If you’re a newbie freelance and have little idea on how this is done, read this quick but helpful guide at Huffington Post that teaches you how to use Twitter.

Aside from using Twitter as a bullhorn to promote your writing services, this social media platform allows you to connect with other writers for networking purposes.

Using this online tool effectively, you will be able to find blogging jobs you never thought existed before!

While you’re still developing your craft of using Twitter, browse through our writing gigs that you can apply for below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Freelance Beauty & Style Journalists and Bloggers for Demand Media Studios


  1. Pinterest Addict Editor for
  2. Creative Copywriter for United Cloud Solutions (remote)
  3. Copywriter/email campaign/landing page guru for tech company
  4. Freelance Copywriter for Highstep Technologies
  5. Fashion CopyWriter

Content writing

  1. Freelance Writer for Style Fox (remote)
  2. Freelance Content Writing for Equipboard
  3. Freelance Writers for Main Course PHL (must be willing to travel throughout the Philadelphia area)
  4. Contributor for VPS Web Hosting
  5. Writer for Organic Authority LLC
  6. Chevrolet Silverado Writer for IB Publishing
  7. SEC Football Writers for
  8. Marketing Content Writer (contract job)
  9. Writers for architecture magazine


  1. Article Writer – MCAT Chemistry for Khan Academy (contract)
  2. Remote Attorney Editor
  3. Technical Writer I for Software Specialists (contract job, must be US resident)
  4. Experienced Resume Writer for Bridgemore Staffing (Remote)

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