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Blogging Jobs, April 28, 2015

Blogging Jobs, April 28, 2015

Blogging Jobs, April 28, 2015Good day!

Some freelance writing opportunities will encourage you to work from home. If you’re just starting out as a freelancer, this can be a drastic change to your professional career especially if you have gotten used to working in the office all this time.

Nonetheless, there are excellent guides out there to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead as a work from home freelancer, like this article from Deadspin.

In a nutshell, you need to treat your home work space as separate from your home. This means you should set a schedule, filter out the noise coming from the other rooms in your house so you can concentrate, and make an effort to go out and keep yourself from feeling lonesome.

Keeping these things in mind, you are now much more well-equipped to find blog jobs and writing gigs to apply for.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Article Writer for LeadMachine
  2. Personal Finance Bloggers for Pinewood Ventures, LLC
  3. Wine Expert Blogger (remote)
  4. Finance Blogger for


  1. Editor for Music and Arts Online Magazine
  2. Freelance Copywriter for Betterment
  4. Freelance Editor for Outdoor Magazine

Content writing

  1. Writer for Guardian Liberty Voice
  2. Writer for Inside the Planet
  3. Freelance Writer for Air Service Directory
  4. MARKETING WRITER for (freelance)
  5. Texas Freelance History Writer
  6. Freelance Tech and Business Writer for Hootsuite Labs
  7. Freelance Writer/Journalist with Expertise in IT & Cyber Security for Hinge Strategy, LLC
  8. Writer for A List Apart


  1. Remote Customer Service and Support Agent
  2. Grant Writer/Medical Librarian for Yuma Regional Medical Center (full-time)
  3. Technical Writer (full-time temporary)

Freelance writing tip of the day: tips for freelance writers to get more done in less time … by Heather Williams at allwomenstalk

Find blog jobs and the fresh batch freelance writing gigs tomorrow!

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