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Blogging Jobs, April 27, 2015

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Freelance writing is serious business. If you don’t have the drive to success in this industry, there’s a great chance that you’ll be swallowed and spit out as a freelancer, leaving you disillusioned with your professional career.

This could have been said with Rhode Island journalist Phil Eil, who worked as a freelancer for WPRO for five months without receiving any compensation. An accomplished freelancer who has written for Salon and Take Magazine, Eil received email from the company after months of waiting informing him that the check for $1,000 will be sent out soon.

Up until now, Eil has yet to receive the check.

Such is the problem that freelance writers have to face. To safeguard you (and your client) from unpaid work, you need to draft a contract that ensures all the deliverables will be on point and on time. Also, you can ask for 50% of the total payment upfront before you begin writing so you at least has incentive to finish the job.

Worse comes to worst, you can always air your grievances on social media like Eil did.

At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of being extra careful from taking on clients and dealing with them. Use proper judgment to determine blog jobs you just apply for and take.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Guest Contributor for ProjButterfly (freelance for US residents only)
  2. Part-Time Writer for TasteTablet (remote)
  3. Software Development Expert Wanted to Write For High-Level Blog (remote)
  4. Serious Indie Gaming Writer Wanted for Insightful Editorial Blog (remote)


  1. Copywriter – Freelance

Content writing

  1. Sports betting articles for Bet Calculators
  2. Reliable E-book writers for FantonWriters
  3. Social Enterprise Writers/Journalists/Editor for Social Missions
  4. Astrologer & writer (remote)
  5. News Writer for (freelance)
  6. Writer (Part-time and Freelance) for Sacramento News & Review
  7. Writers/Editors Needed for Craft Website (remote)
  8. Junior Content Writer for Patch of Land (freelance)
  9. Freelance Writers Wanted for Gardening/Medical Marijuana publication
  10. Travel and Food Writer


  1. Content Editor for RJI Marketing
  2. Long-form journalists for 22nd Century Media
  3. Suburban Chicago freelance reporters wanted for Chicago Tribune Media Group (for Chicago-area residents)
  4. Data Analyst – Report Writer

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