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Blogging Jobs, April 21, 2015

mac-459196_640Good day!

Freelance writing is a business. Just ask Sarah Cannata, who took her freelancing career very seriously by hiring a mentor to help her learn the ropes.

A self-professed control freak, Sarah believes that asking for guidance from people who are more knowledgeable than her will help her succeed in the long run.

If you are like Sarah who wants what’s best for her freelancing writing career, then you ought to find ways on how to improve your craft by getting others to help you. You can join writing workshops or even get a mentor like she did to become an even better writer. Because in order to find blog jobs and other writing opportunities online, being okay just won’t cut it anymore.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Fitness Technology Blogger for Cardio Legend
  2. Blogger for Promotional Product Industry
  3. Food Blogger, Writer


  1. Senior Financial Copywriter
  2. Copywriter
  3. Creative Copywriter With Medical Expertise

Content writing

  1. Keto / Paleo Recipe Writer for Keto Recipes
  2. Small Business Writer
  3. Freelance Home/DIY Writer


  1. Resume Writer
  2. Blurb Writer
  3. Technical Writer – Human Resources
  4. Author needed for a parent’s guide to Common Core 6-8 science

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  1. I tried to sign up for the free online courses but could not because I received the prompt that my birthdate was not in UK format, although I listed US. I have already had one book published but I am in the process of reediting that book now because the publishing company I paid did a horrific job. I really need help in my editing and would like to find an agent, publisher or editor who can help me. I m also in the process of writing my autobiography.

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