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Blogging Jobs, April 17, 2015

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One of the problems of freelance writing is the possibility of your clients running away with your work. Sure, you can demand half of the payment before you deliver the work to them, but you can’t guarantee that they’ll send you the other half.

In fact, the same can be said of clients who will spend money for writing services. They can’t guarantee that they’ll love the work the hired writer will produce for them, so you can’t fully place the blame on clients in the first place.

Freelancers can now ensure that they will receive the full payment for their works through Ink, a legally binding contract generator for clients and photographers. This way, both parties are protected from any business malpractice that will be covered by the contract.

Try out the service for free (the first three contracts you’ll whip up are on them). You can use this when you’re applying for blogging jobs and writing gigs listed below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. News & politics bloggers on well known and high Alexa rank sites needed


  1. Content Creator for Necta Maker
  2. Press Release Writer for The BOSS Group
  3. Summary Writer / Editor for Creative Solutions Services

Content writing

  1. Political Writers for The Public Slate
  2. Freelance feature writer/PR for ongoing project 
  3. Freelance Writer for CLEARLINK (remote for US residents only)


  1. Contract Writing for Geology and Earth Science  for JoVE (remote but you’ll need to visit the office for training sessions and quarterly meetings)
  2. Interpretive Writer
  3. Compliance Courseware Author (open for telecommuting)
  4. Senior Medical Writing Quality Control Specialist
  5. Medical Writer
  6. Digital Content Manager – Regional Sites
  7. Web Editor
  8. Freelance Travel Writer-Researcher
  9. Senior Medical Writer
  10. Book Reviewer at Kirkus Media

Freelance writing tips of the day: Freelance Writers: When and When Not to Use a Contract with Clients

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