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Blogging Jobs, April 15, 2015


In our biggest post yet, you may be wondering the other writing opportunities out there as you find blogging jobs that are right for you. One of the many jobs featured today is the community ambassador.

The main responsibility of this job position is to arrange and host events, as well as collaborate with partners. While writing will play a part in this role, community ambassadors are more marketing -savvy people who are highly sociable and possess a pleasing personality.

If you think you possess all these traits, then you should check out the different community ambassador jobs found under the Miscellaneous section of this post.

Other than that, there are more blogging and writing jobs that you will find in today’ post. Good luck and happy hunting!

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Blogging jobs

  1. Bloggers/Reporters/Journalists for News for Shoppers
  2. Writer for Viral Blog Content
  3. GMAT Blogger (remote for US residents only)
  4. Blog post writer for Student Loan Hero
  5. Software Development Expert Wanted to Write For High-Level Blog


  1. Copywriter (remote for Minneapolis, MN, Saint Paul, MN residents only)
  2. Marketing/PR Copywriter

Content writing

  1. Australian Film/Entertainment Writer for Digital Current
  2. Writer (remote for US residents only)
  3. Freelance Writer w. HR background for HR Knows
  4. Freelance Writer for Wellness Junkie
  5. Expert Home Improvement Writer
  6. Editorial Writer, Commercial Real Estate & Development for AZBEX
  7. Freelance Writer, Healthcare and/or Enterprise Technology
  8. Freelance Finance Writers


  1. Marketing Assistant – Hampton Roads
  2. Community Ambassador – Wilmington
  3. A&P Contract Author
  4. Anatomy and Physiology Contract Author
  5. North Carolina State History Curriculum Writer
  6. Experienced Personal Finance/Investment Writers and Journalists for SuperScript Marketing
  7. Magazine Writers Needed for MASS APPEAL

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Check out tomorrow for a new batch of blogging and writing jobs that suit your skill set!

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