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Blogger Jobs, June 29. 2015

woman-731894_640Good day!

Success comes in all shapes and sizes. Some associate success with having lots of money while others would identify it with the number of friends you have.

For freelance writer Janet Murray, success is defined by letting her entrepreneurial spirit loose and make her dreams come true as a woman in a male-dominated workforce.

“I’m realising that I’m part of a growing community of women who are are redefining success and what it means to be a leader,” she says in an article she wrote for The Guardian. “For women like us, success is not about climbing the corporate ladder or punching through the glass ceiling (although there’s nothing wrong that, of course), it’s about designing a life where you get to make up the rules. That means working where, when and how you want and defining success on your terms, unlike the alpha female, whose worth is defined by doing things better and faster than others.”

Breaking down the gender barrier has become a common theme this past few days and it reached its peak when SCOTUS legalized same-sex marriage. Take this as inspiration that anything is possible and this rings true when you want to break free from your office job to pursue a freelance blogging career.

To get your dream off to a good start, below are blogging and writing jobs that you can apply for.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Podcasting + Blogger for Spreaker ($100-150USD per article)
  2. Fashion Blogger for Alpha Male Styling
  3. Part Time Tech Writer/Blogger for PCMech
  4. Blogger for Next Job Now
  5. High Quality Writers/Bloggers Who Can Publish Their Work on High Quality Sites with Existing Author Accounts
  6. Personal Growth Blogger for Zenn


  1. Freelance Copywriter
  2. Copywriter – social media, web (2 month freelance) financial, corporate for Creative Circle
  3. Freelance Business Journalist/Copywriter for SmartBug Media

Content writing

  1. Freelance Writer for Chillisauce
  2. High Quality Content Writer for Recruiteze
  3. Alternative Lifestyle Content Writer for Rainbow Family Life
  4. Freelance Healthcare Journalist/Writer for SmartBug Media
  5. Freelance Technology, Engineering Journalists/Writers for SmartBug Media
  6. Men’s Grooming Writer for The Wirecutter
  7. PC and PC Accessory Writer for The Wirecutter
  8. Cleaning Writer for The Wirecutter
  9. Content Writer needed for 40-65yo lifestyle sites and products at GCCT Assets
  10. Destination Wedding Writer for CompuJam, Inc.
  11. Writer for Fox News Headlines 24/7


  1. B2B Freelance Reporter to Cover Associations and Advocacy for CQ Roll Call
  2. Freelance Technical Writer for Dermalogica
  3. Marketing Writer, Financial Services for MFS®
  4. Digital Content Specialist for Creative Circle

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