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Blogger Jobs, February 27, 2015

iStock_000020079041_SmallGood day!

Some may find blogging to be merely a hobby where people write their thoughts on their online journals.

But when done correctly, blogging not only rakes in additional profit to supplement your current job, but can also supplant your full-time work.

If you have developed a knack for writing online, below are paid blogging jobs and freelance writing opportunities to help you make money on the side or build a career off these.

Blogging jobs

  1. Music BLOGGERS Wanted (Hollywood)
  2. Blog Article Writer for Märketing
  3. Guest Bloggers Wanted for 7 Min


  1. Content Support Representative – Freelance Writing Agency 
  2. Product Copywriter for Creative Circle (part-time at Seattle, WA only)
  3. Freelance Digital Copywriter (with laptop) for Creative Circle (Chicago, IL)

Content Writing

  1. Freelance Entertainment Writer for
  2. Freelance Food Writer for
  3. Freelance Love Writer for
  4. Freelance Parenting Writer for
  5. Freelance Health Writer for
  6. Freelance Style Writer for
  7. Marketing Content Writer for Creative Circle (part-time at Seattle, WA only)


  1. Technical SEO Writer for Chimaera Labs
  2. HR / Insurance / Risk Management Writers Needed for Content Harmony
  3. Freelance Computing Education Lesson Plan Writer  for IEEE
  4. Freelance Writer / Content Curator for Little Things
  5. Health Editor for
  6. Parenting/Family Editor for
  7. Style Editor for
  8. Food Editor for
  10. Looking for the World’s Most Unboring Resume Writer
  11. Storywriter Wanted To Create Short Moving Stories for Commercial Blog (Remote)
  12. Contributors for West Jet Magazine

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Check out Monday next week for a new batch of paid blogging jobs and freelance writing work!

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